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Sold out'A Lot Of Plants In Here' Mat
'Just The Plant' Subscription
Sold out'The Thing' Membership A Plant Parent Community - Under Construction'The Thing' Membership A Plant Parent Community - Under Construction
Sold out'Truly Tiny' Dwarf Banana Tree | Musa Tropicana
4 Roots Subscription Box4 Roots Subscription Box
4 Roots Subscription Box Sale priceFrom $33.00
Sold out4" Mystery Misfit | Rehab
Sold out6" Monstera Albo6" Monstera Albo
6" Monstera Albo Sale price$110.00
Sold outAdenium Obesum 'Desert Rose'Adenium Obesum 'Desert Rose'
Aglaonema 'Lady Valentine'Aglaonema 'Lady Valentine'
Sold outAlbuca 'Frizzle Sizzle'Albuca 'Frizzle Sizzle'
Albuca 'Frizzle Sizzle' Sale priceFrom $10.00
Sold outAlocasia 'Mickey Mouse'Alocasia 'Mickey Mouse'
Alocasia 'Mickey Mouse' Sale price$24.50
Sold outAlocasia 'Tiny Dancer'Alocasia 'Tiny Dancer'
Alocasia 'Tiny Dancer' Sale priceFrom $5.50
Sold outAlocasia 'Yucatan Princess'Alocasia 'Yucatan Princess'
Sold outAlocasia Amazonica 'Bambino'Alocasia Amazonica 'Bambino'
Sold outAlocasia Baginda 'Silver Dragon'Alocasia Baginda 'Silver Dragon'
Sold outAlocasia Hilo BeautyAlocasia Hilo Beauty
Alocasia Hilo Beauty Sale priceFrom $4.00
Sold outAlocasia Lauterbachiana 'Purple Sword'Alocasia Lauterbachiana 'Purple Sword'
Alocasia Polly 'African Mask'Alocasia Polly 'African Mask'
Alocasia Polly 'African Mask' Sale priceFrom $14.99
Sold outAlocasia Regal ShieldAlocasia Regal Shield
Alocasia Regal Shield Sale price$15.50
Sold outAlocasia Reginula 'Black Velvet'Alocasia Reginula 'Black Velvet'
Sold outAmazonite Moss Rico
Amazonite Moss Rico Sale price$28.00
Sold outAmethyst Chico
Amethyst Chico Sale price$36.00
Sold outAmethyst Moss Niño
Amethyst Moss Niño Sale price$18.00
Sold outArabica CoffeeArabica Coffee
Arabica Coffee Sale price$9.50
Sold outAventurine Chico
Aventurine Chico Sale price$36.00
Sold outAventurine Moss Nino
Aventurine Moss Nino Sale price$18.00
Sold outAventurine Moss Rico
Aventurine Moss Rico Sale price$26.00
Balance NotebookBalance Notebook
Balance Notebook Sale price$26.00
Sold outBegonia 'Benigo Pink'Begonia 'Benigo Pink'
Begonia 'Benigo Pink' Sale priceFrom $6.00
Begonia 'Black Magic'Begonia 'Black Magic'
Begonia 'Black Magic' Sale price$14.50
Sold outBegonia 'Maculata'Begonia 'Maculata'
Begonia 'Maculata' Sale priceFrom $16.00
Sold outBegonia Angel Wing 'Josephine’Begonia Angel Wing 'Josephine’
Sold outBegonia Rex 'Watermelon'Begonia Rex 'Watermelon'
Begonia Rex 'Watermelon' Sale price$14.50
Sold outBlack Raven | Super Nova 'ZZ'Black Raven | Super Nova 'ZZ'
Black Raven | Super Nova 'ZZ' Sale priceFrom $23.50
Sold outBlue Tiger Eye Moss Amigo
Blue Tiger Eye Moss Amigo Sale price$45.00
Bohemian Glass Bottles
Bohemian Glass Bottles Sale priceFrom $3.50
Calathea 'Burle Marxii'Calathea 'Burle Marxii'
Calathea 'Burle Marxii' Sale price$12.50
Sold outSave 40%Calathea 'Orbifolia'Calathea 'Orbifolia'
Calathea 'Orbifolia' Sale price$12.50 Regular price$21.00
Sold outCalathea 'Ornata'Calathea 'Ornata'
Calathea 'Ornata' Sale price$15.50
Sold outCalathea 'Vittata'Calathea 'Vittata'
Calathea 'Vittata' Sale price$12.50
Sold outCalathea 'White Fusion'Calathea 'White Fusion'
Calathea 'White Fusion' Sale price$42.50
Sold outCalathea Beauty StarCalathea Beauty Star
Calathea Beauty Star Sale priceFrom $13.50

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