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Fig And Freya Plant Shop

Hey There, We're FIG + FREYA

Freya is the Goddess of Love - of Fertility - of Battle and Death. Which is exactly what us plant parents go through on a daily basis. Sometimes our plants thrive and give us new little babies, and sometimes - despite our deepest efforts - they still don’t make it. 

But that’s okay!

Being a plant parent is a journey - and one full of ups and downs. But through the peaks and valleys it’s most important to remember that plants are meant to bring us joy! And you’ll know what we mean once you join the family here at FIG + FREYA. 

As a wise woman once said: if it doesn’t bring us joy - out the window it goes, along with the bath water. Because why waste the energy if it isn’t giving you anything in return? 

With all the trending nurseries and all the popular plants these days, it’s hard to know when what you buy is for you or for ‘the gram.’ But is there anything worse than when you shell out hundreds of dollars for some high maintenance plant *cough cough* pink princess *cough cough* just to realize the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze? Doubt it…

Here at FIG + FREYA we aren’t about keeping up with the Joneses. If it doesn’t bring you or one of our teammates joy, then we don’t bother stocking it. We have no interest in popularized plants that sit uncared for on the window sill (since we can’t throw them away, can we?). Everything we carry here at FIG + FREYA is chosen with passion - because passion feeds the fire - that fire that Freya fuels through sunrise and sunset. 

And we know that nothing feeds passion more than personal preference. We want you to dive deep into your plant care with each delivery. Which all starts with knowing what plants you want and need for your home nursery!

We want to make sure that YOU choose the plants that bring YOU joy and that YOU want to surround yourself with. No filters. No fluff. FIG + FREYA works with small, sustainable growers and suppliers throughout the US to handpick the best plants and accessories that we can offer!

Come join “The Thing” and start your plant revolution today - we can’t wait to meet you!

From our hearts to yours, turning houses into homes - one plant at a time!
- Fig + Freya