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Shipping/Inventory Update + In Stock Filtering

Inventory Update: Our inventory levels will remain low until mid May. But we will be sourcing more 'rare' plants in the coming months. Currently we have Monstera Thai Constellation and Monstera Albo's available (more coming soon in mid May). 

If you have any requests please reach out to our team via Instagram or on our contact form

Shipping Update: winter shipping is included for FREE on all orders - our team looks at weather in your area to determine when this is necessary! This includes insulated packaging and or heat packs. 

 Subscription box login can be found here

Monstera Albo + Thai Con purchases: Orders have begun sending. If you requested photos of your plant prior to shipping, check your emails. We are working through batches each weak. Orders are being queued in the order we received them! Thank you so much for your patience. 

April 17 Update: We appreciate your patience so much! We are beyond grateful for the amount of orders we received and are doing our best to get them out as quickly as possible.

Thai's will begin sending the first - third week of May! If you purchased both an Albo and a Thai, we can ship your orders separately so that you recieve your plant sooner. Please check your emails so that we can get these gorgeous plants to you as soon as possible. 

May 10 Update: Almost all orders have been shipped! The remaining orders were not able to be guaranteed to be delivered without being stuck in the mail so we made the decision to hold those order till Monday May 15th

You have been so patient with us and we would hate to have you waited all this time and then your plant get stuck and damaged in the main.

Thank you again for supporting our small business ❤️

We are working to upgrade our site, in the meantime, to view only our in stock items, click here!

Thank you so so much for your patience! 


- The Fig and Freya Team