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Sold outCalathea Concinna 'Freddie'Calathea Concinna 'Freddie'
Calathea Fasciata 'Rotundifolia'Calathea Fasciata 'Rotundifolia'
Sold outCalathea Lancifolia 'Rattlesnake'Calathea Lancifolia 'Rattlesnake'
Sold outCalathea Makoyana 'Peacock'Calathea Makoyana 'Peacock'
Calathea Makoyana 'Peacock' Sale priceFrom $8.00
Sold outCalathea Musaica 'Network'Calathea Musaica 'Network'
Sold outCalathea Roseopicta 'Dottie'Calathea Roseopicta 'Dottie'
Sold outCalathea Roseopicta 'Medallion'Calathea Roseopicta 'Medallion'
Sold outCalathea Roseopicta 'Rosy'Calathea Roseopicta 'Rosy'
Sold outCalathea Roseopicta Medallion IICalathea Roseopicta Medallion II
Sold outCalathea Rufibarba 'Furry Feather'Calathea Rufibarba 'Furry Feather'
California White Sage and Palo Bundle
Sold outCarnelian Chico
Carnelian Chico Sale price$36.00
Sold outCarnelian Moss Niño
Carnelian Moss Niño Sale price$18.00
Sold outCarnivorous 'Monkey Cup' | Nepenthes
Sold outSave 23%Carnivorous Octopus PlantCarnivorous Octopus Plant
Carnivorous Octopus Plant Sale price$12.25 Regular price$15.99
Sold outSave 22%Carnivorous Pitcher PlantCarnivorous Pitcher Plant
Carnivorous Pitcher Plant Sale price$10.00 Regular price$12.75
Sold outOn saleCeropegia Woodii 'String of Hearts'Ceropegia Woodii 'String of Hearts'
Ceropegia Woodii 'String of Hearts' Sale priceFrom $8.00 Regular price$25.00
Sold outChlorophytum 'Reverse Spider Plant'Chlorophytum 'Reverse Spider Plant'
Sold outChlorophytum Spider ‘Variegated’Chlorophytum Spider ‘Variegated’
Classic Chico
Classic Chico Sale price$28.00
Sold outClassic Moss Niño
Classic Moss Niño Sale price$15.00
Coffee + Plants + WineCoffee + Plants + Wine
Coffee + Plants + Wine Sale priceFrom $18.00
Sold outCrassula Ovata 'Jade Plant'
Croton 'Gold Dust'Croton 'Gold Dust'
Croton 'Gold Dust' Sale price$8.00
Croton 'Mammy'Croton 'Mammy'
Croton 'Mammy' Sale priceFrom $5.00
Croton NerviaCroton Nervia
Croton Nervia Sale price$9.00
Croton PetraCroton Petra
Croton Petra Sale price$10.99
Cryptanthus 'Hot Pink'Cryptanthus 'Hot Pink'
Cryptanthus 'Hot Pink' Sale price$9.50
Ctenanthe LubbersianaCtenanthe Lubbersiana
Ctenanthe Lubbersiana Sale price$15.50
Cuffed Beanie For Moss Balls 'Daisy'
Sold outCuffed Beanie For Moss Balls 'Lilac'
Sold outDAY BOTTLE | The Hydration Tracking BottleDAY BOTTLE | The Hydration Tracking Bottle
Sold outDevil's Backbone VariegatedDevil's Backbone Variegated
Sold outDieffenbachia 'Amy'Dieffenbachia 'Amy'
Dieffenbachia 'Amy' Sale priceFrom $6.00
Sold outDieffenbachia 'Camouflage'Dieffenbachia 'Camouflage'
Sold outDieffenbachia 'Compacta'Dieffenbachia 'Compacta'
Dieffenbachia 'Compacta' Sale priceFrom $6.00
Sold outDieffenbachia 'Memoria Corsii'Dieffenbachia 'Memoria Corsii'
Sold outDieffenbachia 'Sterling'Dieffenbachia 'Sterling'
Dieffenbachia 'Sterling' Sale price$10.00
Sold outDieffenbachia CamilleDieffenbachia Camille
Dieffenbachia Camille Sale price$12.00
Sold outDieffenbachia ReflectorDieffenbachia Reflector
Dieffenbachia Reflector Sale price$9.00
Dieffenbachia Tropic SnowDieffenbachia Tropic Snow
Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow Sale price$12.00
Dracaena 'Lemon Surprise'Dracaena 'Lemon Surprise'
Dracaena 'Lemon Surprise' Sale price$10.00

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