Plant Parent Must Haves

We'll keep is short and sweet, weather you have 1 or 100 or even 500+ plants these products will definitely come in handy!*

The List

        1. Houseplant Pruning Shears: perfect for taking cuttings or trimming off leaves.

          Gardening shears for houseplants under $10

        2. Organic 100% Neem Oil: pests be gone! 

          neem oil for houseplant pests 100% organic
        3. Grow LED Light Bulb: turn (almost) any lamp into a grow light!

          GE grow light bulb white light fig and freya plant shop
        4. Indoor Walk-In Greenhouse: A greenhouse at home? Yes, please!

          At home walk in large greenhouse indoor or outdoor fig and freya plant shop
        5. Plant Watering Can with Long Spout: holds the perfect amount of water without being too heavy. 

          Plastic Watering Can, Watering Can, Plant Watering Can with Long Spout, Modern Style Watering Pot fig and freya plant shop








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