Hoya Obovata Care Guide

Hoya Obovata Quick Care Guide

The Quick Care Guide To Hoya 'Obovata'

        • Light: They need bright filtered light or indirect light preferably in an east facing window. Avoid direct sunlight. 

        • Water: Like succulents, they are somewhat drought tolerant. Allow the soil to dry completely between waterings. A good sign that they are thirsty is wrinkly or bendable leaves (try the taco trick - if you can bend the leaf like a taco it's time to water)

        • Temperature + Humidity: Try to maintain a humidity level of ~60%. They prefer average to warm (60-85°F) room temps.

        • Fertilizer/Food: Fertilize once a month in Spring and Summer using an organic fertilizer. Try Schultz Liquid Plant Food or our favorite, Arber Plant Food (*use code FIGANDFREYA10 for 10% off your order). 



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