How To Prepare Your Plants For The Colder Weather | Winter Plant Care


Caring for your houseplants during winter seems scary and intimidating, but don't listen to all the social media posts or instagram reels you're seeing- it is actually REALLY easy.

Fig + Freya | Winter Plant Care | Caring for plants in Winter


Easier than any other time of the year. 

The reason we have to change how we care for our plants during these colder months is because a lot (if not most) houseplants go into "hibernation" or dormancy during the winter as their metabolism slows down.

Which means they aren't really doing much. 

There are a few main points to focus on:

  1. Move your plants away from any windows or window sills. 

  2. Keep your plants away from any drafty areas or heating vents.

  3. Increase the humidity or group your plants together.

  4. Stop Fertilizing.

  5. Decrease Watering. 

  6. Dust/clean their leaves regularly. 

  7. Keep up with your pest prevention. 

  8. Avoid repotting until spring.

Leaf drop is normal and may or may not happen, simply prune away or let the leaf fall away on its own schedule. 

As always, let us know if you have any questions!

From Our Jungle To Yours, 

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