Monstera Deliciosa Care

If you're a plant parent - new or old- odds are, you have a Monstera Deliciosa in your collection. Right? Right. So let's dig into how to take care of these guys (hint: it's really easy)!

As with any plant, what works for others may not work for you and your plant. Make minor adjustments until you find the right combination!
Here are the basics:
Water: Water every 1-2 weeks, allow the soil to dry out between waterings.
Light: Bright indirect light - make sure to rotate your plant so it doesn't get lopsided. You'll notice the leaves turn towards the sun!
Temperature: 65 ˚F - 85˚F
Humidity: Typical house humidity will work just fine, but when possible, Monsteras prefers humid conditions.
Soil: Use a mix that provides a lot of drainage. Mix in ingredients like perlite or pumice to increase soil aeration.
Fertilizer: Once a month in the spring and summer (growing season).
Propagation: Stem cutting with a node.
Height: Up to 12ft.
Common Issues:
  • Wilting plant: under-watered or pot bound
  • Brown and crispy edges: under-watered or high salt build-up
  • Yellowing leaves or black stems: overwatering
Notes: The famous fenestrations (holes in leaves) will develop as the plant matures. Younger plants will have large heart-shaped leaves and as the plant matures the plant will start producing leaves with fenestrations. If your plant is 'older' and is still not producing fenestrations, try increasing the light!
- Fig + Freya

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