Maranta Care

The drama queens (Calatheas) carefree and equally stunning cousin, Marantas, that pray at night.

First, let's clear a common misconception up. Calatheas and Marantas are both often called Prayer Plants because they are in the same family - Marantaceae - but only Maranta's are true Prayer Plants.
Here are the basics:
Water: Water every 1–2 weeks when the soil dries out about halfway. Distilled, filtered, or rainwater is usually preferred over sink water. Marantas - like Calatheas - are sensitive to some minerals in tap water.
Light: Medium to bright indirect light - ideally 4-6 hours a day. They can tolerate lower light environments but will grow at a much slower rate.
Temperature: 65°F–85°F
Humidity: Typical house humidity will work just fine, but when possible, Marantas prefers humid conditions.
Soil: Use a mix that provides a lot of drainage. Mix in ingredients like perlite or pumice to increase soil aeration.
Propagation: Stem cuttings with a node or root division
Height: Up to 3 ft.
Common Issues:
  • Curling leaves and crispy tips: not enough humidity
  • Yellowing leaves or rotting stems: overwatering
  • Curling leaves and dry soil: thirsty
Notes: Marantas perform nyctinasty, a response to nighttime where the leaves fold up (hence the name, Prayer Plants).
- Fig + Freya

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