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Article: Moss Amigos Care Guide

Moss Amigos Care Guide

Moss Amigos Care Guide

He (or she) is pretty damn cute right? Marimo moss balls require so little maintenance that if they weren’t so darn cute, you might forget you even had one!

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Care Overview

These furry green balls of joy are popularly known as moss balls, when in fact they aren’t technically moss at all, but pure 100% spherical algae. You might think that there is a core or some kind of firm structure inside the algae, but in fact, marimo moss balls naturally grow in this spherical shape and consist solely of the algae, with no internal object for the algae to grow around.

But how do you take care of spherical algae? Simple - just let it be!

Marimo moss balls require so little maintenance that if they weren’t so darn cute, you might forget you even had one. No need to have a green thumb with these babies. Strap on your independence helmet, and live your life free of any plant responsibilities.

As the algae gets larger they will radiate from the center, making them more and more spherical as they get older. It is quite possible that your amigo might live longer than you. In fact, the world's largest Marimo Moss Ball is over 200 years old! In the right conditions, these spherical algae balls can live through generations and be passed on through family lineage. Learn more about the Japanese legend that is marimo moss balls here.


The main tip you should remember when caring for your fuzzy companion is to keep them out of direct sunlight. Finding the perfect amount of light for your Marimo Moss Balls is a piece of cake.

When they are getting too much light, they will develop white specs; this is your signal to put them in a more shaded area with less sunlight. If they start to develop a brownish color, then they are not getting quite enough sunlight.

Don't think too hard about this. Just find a space that isn't directly in the sun’s rays, and not tucked away in the darkness or under artificial light and your fuzzy friend will thrive. They will suck up all the vitamin D coming from the ambient light that finds its way over to its living space. 


It’s recommended to change their water every 2-3 weeks using filtered tap water. If you have fish, your normal schedule of changing their water will be perfect for your Moss Amigo. Keep in mind, because marimo moss balls suck up nitrates and other dirty particles, your fish tank water will actually look cleaner and clearer for longer than you are used to - an added bonus!


Keep your buddy cool! Don't let them get too hot during the summer, especially since things can heat up pretty quickly during this time. If you have found the optimal spot for your moss ball, then this won't be a problem for you. The natural habitat of the algae is in fresh, cool water. For our purposes, normal room-temperature water will be suitable for a long and healthy life.

Frequently Asked Question:

Why is my Moss Amigo turning brown?

Uh oh, your Moss Amigo might be getting a little too much sun! Marimo moss balls will start to brown if their environment is too warm. Try moving your moss ball to a cooler location (somewhere with indirect or minimal light) and changing out the water. Gently rinsing out your moss ball and adding a healthy pinch of salt to your jar can also help your Moss Amigo return to its natural green color within a week or two! 

How big will my Moss Amigo get? 

Moss Amigos are constantly growing and photosynthesizing! Marimo moss balls grow at an average rate of 5mm per year, so don’t worry, your Moss Amigo won’t outgrow its jar anytime soon!

Will my Moss Amigo retain its spherical shape?

Yes, with a little love and care! Marimo moss balls are native to lakes and other cool, aquatic environments where the movement of water helps them retain their round shape. If you notice your moss ball is starting to look flat or irregular, try taking it out of its jar and gently rolling it between your hands. This should encourage your Moss Amigo to maintain its classic spherical form!

How long will my Moss Amigo live?

Marimo moss balls can live for decades under the right conditions! In fact, the largest marimo moss ball in the world is over 200 years old!

I love my tiny Moss Amigo hat! Can I keep it on 24/7?

We love that you’re having fun with our Moss Amigo accessories and letting your moss ball’s personality shine! We recommend taking the hat off after you’re done playing dress up. This will ensure your hat stays in good condition for the next time you want to show it off!

Care Guide Created by Moss Amigos 

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