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Sold outSave 14%Maranta 'Lemon Lime'Maranta 'Lemon Lime'
Maranta 'Lemon Lime' Sale priceFrom $12.00 Regular price$13.99
Sold outOn saleMaranta 'Red'Maranta 'Red'
Maranta 'Red' Sale priceFrom $10.00
Sold outOn saleCeropegia Woodii 'String of Hearts'Ceropegia Woodii 'String of Hearts'
Ceropegia Woodii 'String of Hearts' Sale priceFrom $8.00 Regular price$25.00
Sold outLipstick 'Black Pagoda'Lipstick 'Black Pagoda'
Lipstick 'Black Pagoda' Sale priceFrom $5.00
Sold outOn saleEpiphyllum 'Ric Rac' 'Fishbone' CactusEpiphyllum 'Ric Rac' 'Fishbone' Cactus
Sold outHoya 'Sweetheart'Hoya 'Sweetheart'
Hoya 'Sweetheart' Sale priceFrom $6.00
Sold outOn saleHoya Publicalyx X Silver SplashHoya Publicalyx X Silver Splash
Hoya Publicalyx X Silver Splash Sale priceFrom $4.50
Sold outSave 26%Pilea PeperomioidesPilea Peperomioides
Pilea Peperomioides Sale priceFrom $5.00 Regular price$17.00
Sold outCalathea Beauty StarCalathea Beauty Star
Calathea Beauty Star Sale priceFrom $13.50
Sold outString of TurtlesString of Turtles
String of Turtles Sale priceFrom $12.00
Sold outSave 33%Hoya Carnosa 'Compacta' Hindu RopeHoya Carnosa 'Compacta' Hindu Rope
Hoya Carnosa 'Compacta' Hindu Rope Sale priceFrom $9.50 Regular price$23.99
Peperomia Obtusifolia 'Marble'Peperomia Obtusifolia 'Marble'
Peperomia Obtusifolia 'Marble' Sale priceFrom $6.00
Peperomia Obtusifolia 'Variegata'Peperomia Obtusifolia 'Variegata'
Sold outMaranta Leuconeura Kerchoveana | Rabbits Foot | VariegatedMaranta Leuconeura Kerchoveana | Rabbits Foot | Variegated
Sold outOn saleHoya Kerrii VineHoya Kerrii Vine
Hoya Kerrii Vine Sale priceFrom $15.50
Sold outOn saleHoya Australis LisaHoya Australis Lisa
Hoya Australis Lisa Sale priceFrom $8.00
Sold outSave 33%Pilea 'Watermelon' | 'Aluminum'Pilea 'Watermelon' | 'Aluminum'
Pilea 'Watermelon' | 'Aluminum' Sale price$10.00 Regular price$14.99
Sold outSave 41%Stromanthe TriostarStromanthe Triostar
Stromanthe Triostar Sale priceFrom $21.99 Regular price$37.00
Sold outSave 43%Peperomia Frost
Peperomia Frost Sale priceFrom $5.00 Regular price$8.75
Peperomia Obtusifolia  'Lemon Lime'Peperomia Obtusifolia  'Lemon Lime'
Sold outPeperomia 'Watermelon'Peperomia 'Watermelon'
Peperomia 'Watermelon' Sale priceFrom $3.00
Hoya EskimoHoya Eskimo
Hoya Eskimo Sale priceFrom $15.00
Holiday CactusHoliday Cactus
Holiday Cactus Sale priceFrom $6.00
Sold outStrobilanthes Persian ShieldStrobilanthes Persian Shield
Sold outOn saleHoya Carnosa 'Tricolor' | Krimson QueenHoya Carnosa 'Tricolor' | Krimson Queen
Calathea 'Ornata'Calathea 'Ornata'
Calathea 'Ornata' Sale price$15.50
Sold outHoya 'Wayetii'Hoya 'Wayetii'
Hoya 'Wayetii' Sale price$13.00
Sold outPeperomia CupidPeperomia Cupid
Peperomia Cupid Sale price$10.50
Sold outPeperomia Obtusifolia 'Thailand'Peperomia Obtusifolia 'Thailand'
Sold outCalathea Roseopicta 'Dottie'Calathea Roseopicta 'Dottie'
Sold outCalathea Roseopicta 'Medallion'Calathea Roseopicta 'Medallion'
Sold outSedum Morganianum 'Donkey Tail'Sedum Morganianum 'Donkey Tail'
Sedum Morganianum 'Donkey Tail' Sale priceFrom $4.00
Hoya 'Curtisii'Hoya 'Curtisii'
Hoya 'Curtisii' Sale priceFrom $14.00
Sold outHoya ‘Krimson Princess’Hoya ‘Krimson Princess’
Hoya ObovataHoya Obovata
Hoya Obovata Sale priceFrom $12.50
Sold outPeperomia 'Ginny'Peperomia 'Ginny'
Peperomia 'Ginny' Sale price$9.00
Sold outHoya 'Macrophylla'Hoya 'Macrophylla'
Hoya 'Macrophylla' Sale priceFrom $13.50
Sold outCalathea Makoyana 'Peacock'Calathea Makoyana 'Peacock'
Calathea Makoyana 'Peacock' Sale priceFrom $8.00
Sold outPeperomia 'Owl Eye'Peperomia 'Owl Eye'
Peperomia 'Owl Eye' Sale price$12.00
Sold out6" variegated hoya hindu rope for saleHoya Compacta Hindu Rope Variegated
Sold outRosemary Holiday Tree | Mini Christmas TreeRosemary Holiday Tree | Mini Christmas Tree
Sold outFern 'Heart'Fern 'Heart'
Fern 'Heart' Sale price$9.50

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